Thank you for signing up for 2023 STUF Coding International Competition. We will send out the questions of competition to your email right before the competition starts and remember to solve the problems online from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on May 7, 2023 in your time zone.

We have simulation exercises(example questions ) ready and please go online to practice, read the description of the questions clearly, understand the questions of the example, in addition to answering the answers to each question, please also upload your scratch program (.sb3),

When solving a problem, please check your registration number first. Each program is explained on the title. Please rename your scratch programs with your registration number and question number before upload them. For example, the first question: 100-Q1.sb3

Thank you and wish you success in your studies,
To get the registration number ( )

感謝您報名參加 2023 STUF 國際程式比賽, 我們會在比賽開始前將比賽問題發送到您的郵箱,記得在您所在時區的2023年5月7日下午1:00至4:00上線回答問題。

模擬練習(例題)已上線 ( ),請上網練習,看清楚題目的描述,理解例題,除了回答每道題的答案外,還請上傳你SCRATCH的原始檔(.sb3 ),

回答問題時,請先核對您的註冊編號。每個上傳程式都有在標題和題目上有解說。請將您的每個原始碼檔名設為後 “您的註冊編號加上題目號碼”再上傳。比如第一題:100-Q1.sb3

註冊編號( )